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We are a team of lifelong golfers with varied skill levels and handicaps and a combined 84 years of golfing experience.

We truly love living a golf life and enjoy taking golf trips each year to some of the world’s top golfing destinations.

On Destination-Golf.com, you’ll discover articles about fantastic golfing destinations, golf travel ideas, resort reviews, and find the best golf travel gear. You’ll also find a wide range of resources such as informative articles, buyer guides, and product reviews for those who love both travel and golf.

We believe that golf is more than just a game – It’s a way of life.

And we’re here to help you have the best golf trips and to discover new and exciting ways to enjoy this amazing game.

We also offer a wide range of helpful tools and calculators that are helpful for discovering your game.


Our golf trip packing list makes planning your next golf vacation easy. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your next destination, we’ve got a wide range of posts of the best golf courses around the world.

Thank you for visiting Destination-Golf.com – we look forward to helping you find that next golf destination or cool new golf gadget.

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