Best Golf Clubs for Seniors – Full-sets, Drivers, Iron Sets & Putters (2024)

best golf clubs for seniors

Golf is popular with people of all ages, but as we get older, we have to make sure we have the right equipment to support our changing needs and abilities.

Choosing the best golf clubs for you can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the game and your performance on the course.

In this post, I’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions when making the change to senior flex golf clubs as well as showing some of the best options for golf clubs for senior golfers.

I’ve also ranked the top 3 iron sets that all offer senior flex shafts. I’ve also included two putters that are recommended for game improvement.

As for drivers, I’ve recommended three clubs that offer the most forgiveness off the tee without sacrificing distance.

Golf has no age limits. As long as you’re able-bodied, you can have an enjoyable time on the golf course.

What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Seniors?

Here are the best golf clubs for seniors this year.

1. WILSON Men’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set

WILSON Men's Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set - Men's and Senior

Best budget full golf set


  • The Large 460cc driver is very forgiving and easy to hit
  • The irons have a low center of gravity which makes them very accurate
  • The carry bag is lightweight and has many pockets for storage
  • The sand wedge is easy to launch and has a wide sole for better greenside control


  • The driver shaft is an inch shorter than the standard men’s driver shaft length.
  • The club heads had cosmetic defects out of the box.

2. Taylormade RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set

Taylormade RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set

Best overall full golf club set


  • The driver has a lightweight and aerodynamic design that allows for faster swing speeds and improved forgiveness
  • The fairway and rescue clubs have a low center of gravity and a speed pocket design that helps with high launching shots
  • The irons have advanced perimeter weighting and a multi-function sole geometry that provides added playability and smooth turf interaction
  • The wedge has high-volume grooves for improved spin and control, and a C-grind sole that is versatile for different conditions
  • The putter has a high-stability mallet design and multi-alignment technology for easy aiming


  • Not the best value for money, a bit over-priced
  • Senior flex shafts can be prone to breaking if swung too hard on tough turf or deep rough

3. Cobra Golf Airspeed F-MAX Complete Set

Cobra Golf Airspeed F-MAX Complete Set

Best for game improvement


  • The offset driver provides a great combination of speed and forgiveness
  • The carbon crown on the fairway woods and hybrids enhances distance and accuracy
  • The low profile irons with greater lofts and perimeter weighting make for high and straight shots, resulting in more GIR’s and birdie opportunities
  • The blade putter has a machined face for exceptional feel and control on long and short putts.


  • Senior flex shaft prone to snapping when hitting down aggressively on the ball

Best Drivers for Seniors

1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver


  • Very lightweight and easy to swing
  • Thin forged titanium face enhances ball speed
  • Promotes higher launch and straighter ball flights
  • Option for offset face (drastically reduce slices)


  • Bias towards a draw shot may not be suitable for all players, especially those with a natural draw ball-flight

2. Cleveland Golf Launcher XL Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver


  • This club pairs well with slow swing speeds and softer golf balls for added distance
  • Lightweight and balanced feel
  • Low center of gravity gives a straight and high trajectory


  • The sound this club makes is not liked by everyone
  • The club sits closed at address, which may not be suitable for all golfers

3. TaylorMade SiM Max Draw Driver

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver


  • Helps with miss-hits, particularly hooks and slices
  • Twist face technology improves mid-hit performance
  • Increases distance and ball speed
  • Well worth the price
  • Best driver compared to other brands tried.
  • Good for older golfers who have lost yards on their drives in recent years.


  • The shaft feels heavy to some compared to the very lightweight driver head
  • Lightweight design can be prone to cracking, treat it with care

Best Iron Sets for Seniors

1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Combo Iron Set

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Combo Iron Set


  • I really like the A.I.-designed Flash Face Cup in Big Bertha B-21 (first big bertha iron designed by AI)
  • The unique face architecture in each club generates high ball speeds and increased spin robustness.
  • More confidence over the ball with the wider soles and added offset
  • The custom tungsten weighting deepens CG with precision while maintaining ball speed
  • The urethane microspheres absorb unwanted vibration for exceptional feel while maintaining fast ball speeds.


  • The black paint version of this set is prone to chipping and scuffing (just the paint, no impact on performance).
  • Price

2. Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set


  • Fastest irons ever from Callaway
  • Built with wide soles, enhanced offset, and thicker topline for confidence, high launch, and forgiveness
  • Combines high strength 450 steel with A.I.-designed Flash Face Cup for more ball speed and consistency
  • A.I. Face Optimization for spin rate consistency and high launch/COR
  • Precision tungsten weighting for improved launch conditions and maximum speed across the face
  • Patented urethane microspheres for enhanced sound and pure feel while maintaining fast ball speeds.


  • Lower ball-flight than some other comparable sets
  • While these clubs are designed for consistency with the large offset, they are not game-improvement clubs

3. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max OS Iron Set

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max OS Iron Set


  • The Cap Back Design is very effective in maximizing distance, forgiveness, and feel with an extremely low CG
  • The faster and more forgiving face gives a lot of performance where it’s needed
  • The Oversized Head Shape makes it very forgiving and each head has been designed with a progressive face height, wider sole and stronger lofts making it easy to launch and get more distance.
  • The new ECHO Damping System gives a forged iron like feel, it’s soft polymer blend and multiple contact points across the face channel away harsh vibrations.


  • Senior flex shaft can be prone to breaking on really bad mis-hits

Best Putters for Seniors

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Blade Putter
  • Triple Track lines prominently featured help improve putting accuracy.
  • Innovative multi-material shaft saves 40 grams of weight and rebalances the putter for improved tempo and consistency in the stroke.
  • Provides firmer feel and enhanced sound at impact while maintaining the same roll benefits of popular White Hot Microhinge Insert.
  • Extremely well-balanced; lightweight construction
  • Has a ball made specifically for the alignment lines

2. S7K Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter


  • S7K putter helps to stop missing putts from 10 feet and in and drain more putts for birdie and par
  • The S7K eliminates the need for guesswork while lining up shots, allowing the user to trust their line every time
  • The S7K is easy to use and requires no practice, it can save 5 strokes or more the very first time it’s used
  • The S7K’s ultra-light grip and shaft transfer feedback to the hands, enhancing speed and distance control, and providing a buttery feel and sweet sound at impact.


  • Prone to rusting when not stored or cleaned properly

3. Titleist Scotty Cameron Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron


  • Titleist Scotty Cameron putters are known for their high precision and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • The putters have a soft feel, giving a great feedback and control over the shots.
  • They have a classic look that appeals to many golfers.
  • They are highly customizable, allowing golfers to adjust the weight and balance to their preference.


  • Price, as this is a top-of-the-line putter

The importance of choosing the right golf clubs as a senior golfer

As we get older, our bodies start to give out in many ways and can affect our swing and our ability to hit the ball with decent power and accuracy. Our knees start to give out, our backs take a beating, and each day it gets harder and harder to play and finish 18 holes.

However, choosing the right golf clubs can help us compensate for these changes and help us to continue to play the game we love at a high level.

Factors to consider when shopping for golf clubs

There are a few key factors to consider when shopping for golf clubs as a senior.

  • The weight of the club: Older players may find it easier to swing lighter clubs, which can help to increase speed and distance.
  • The flex of the shaft: A shaft with more flex can help to generate more power and forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • The loft of the club: Higher lofted clubs can help to get the ball in the air more easily, leading to longer shots and easier approaches to the green.

What makes certain clubs better for seniors?

There are a few factors that make certain clubs ideal for senior golfers. Typically you’ll see the following features:

  • Increased club head size
  • Decreased loft (on irons)
  • More offset
  • Increased bounce
  • More flexible shaft

You may have noticed that age isn’t on this list. That’s because “seniors clubs” are wrongly named. They have nothing to do with your age and everything to do with your swing speed and ability to make contact with your ball.

In most cases, the best irons for senior golfers have increased club face size so there is more area of the face in the striking zone. In addition, they usually have lower lofts when compared to the same club in pro spec. For example, the loft of a 5 iron for pros is around 23.5° or higher while the loft on a game improvement 5 iron is closer to 22° or even lower in some cases.

Another major difference is the offset on the clubface. Offset on a golf club is the length of the club face behind the shaft. The below image shows the difference between an iron with lots of offset compared to an iron with minimal offset.

Golf Club Offset and the difference between more offset and least offset.

The reason for this is that increasing the amount of offset, the more time there is in the golf swing to close the clubface through impact. This, combined with a lower swing speed, leads to straighter shots.

Another key difference between most golf clubs and seniors sets is the flex of the shaft. If you have a slower swing speed, adding more flex to your shaft will allow the clubhead to gain more slack in the downswing and allow the clubface to trail your hands for longer. This results in increased yardage with minimal effort.

Reasons to use senior flex clubs:

  1. You can swing more freely which means less strain on your back and body.
  2. You don’t have to feel like you need to “crush” your shots, you can swing very casually to get the same distance.
  3. Your swing speed is below 85 MPH with your driver.
  4. You’re hitting push draws or just straight pushes.

Signs that senior-flex clubs aren’t right for you:

  1. You have an average or above-average swing speed (85-90+ MPH).
  2. You are not having issues with distance compared to your peers (high swing speeds with senior flex won’t get you more distance).
  3. You already hit your driver 200+ yards.

Other Considerations

In addition to the weight, shaft flex, and loft of the club, there are a few other factors to consider when shopping for golf clubs as a senior.

Adjustable weight and loft options

Some golf clubs come with adjustable weight and loft options, which can allow you to fine-tune the club to better suit your swing and playing style. This can be especially useful for seniors who may have different needs than younger golfers.

Shaft options

The shaft of the club is an important factor in determining the overall feel and performance of the club. Seniors may want to consider a shaft with more flex, as this can help to generate more power and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Hybrid clubs

Hybrid clubs, which combine elements of both irons and woods, can be a great option for seniors. These clubs are often easier to hit than traditional long irons and can be a useful tool for getting out of difficult lies or tackling longer approach shots.

Wedges and putters

Wedges and putters can also be important considerations for seniors. For wedges, look for clubs with higher lofts, as these can help to get the ball in the air more easily. For putters, consider options with larger, softer grips, as these can be easier on the hands and help to reduce tension in the wrists and forearms.


When choosing golf clubs for seniors, prioritize comfort, easy swinging, and forgiveness. Consider senior flex shafts and larger grips for comfort. For specific clubs, choose drivers with a larger sweet spot, fairway woods and hybrids for long shots, irons with a lower profile and larger sweet spot for easier ball lift, and putters that offer stability and control. Adjust choices based on playing style and skill level.

Summary of the best golf clubs for seniors:

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