How to Dress for Cold Weather Golf (2024)

golfing in cold weather

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are starting to change color and the daily highs start to drop below 60 degrees. Unfortunately for us golfers, that means that the golf season is coming to an end (unless you live further south than I do, lucky!).

But if you’re playing golf further north, you’re about to be battling some frost delays and cooler temperatures on the course so it’s best to make sure you’re fully prepared so you can make the most of your round.

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In this article, I’ll cover some of the most effective ways to prepare and dress for a round of cold weather golf, as well as recommend some basic gear that will make playing in cooler temperatures more enjoyable.

Here’s how to get out there.

Start with a base layer

I’m a big fan of using compression layers underneath my regular golf shirt and pants. They keep you warmer without adding a lot of bulk that can get in the way of your swing. Also, compression layers are usually made from very flexible material making it easy to maintain proper form through the swing.

Depending on the temperature you can either use just a top layer or you can add in some long underwear as well if it’s really brisk out.

Wear a pullover sweater

When adding compressions layers aren’t enough to keep you warm, pullover sweaters are a must-have. They come in many styles and range from very casual to pretty much business casual. All the popular golf brands have their own variations of pullovers.

Pullover sweaters help to keep you warm by trapping your body heat for longer. The best part is that these sweaters are designed to move, so you won’t feel restricted in your golf swing.

Wear a beanie

One of the best ways to keep yourself warm on the golf course is to keep your head and ears warm. Beanies are best used when it’s cold enough to make your ears or nose a bit numb.

If you’re worried about golf etiquette, no need to worry! Popular brands like Titleist and Callaway make many options for golf beanies.

Beanies are especially useful for morning rounds on mountain golf courses where the air is very crisp and dense.

Use rain pants

Rain pants are thicker than regular golf pants and are to be worn over the top of your golf pants. They are waterproof and wind resistant which helps to keep your legs nice and warm. When combined with a base layer (long underwear), you can stay comfortable even if temperatures drop to near freezing.

Rain pants are also easy to put on or take off mid-round if you become too hot or cold. They can then be easily stowed away in your golf bag.

Wear a rain jacket

Similar to rain pants, rain jackets are also waterproof, wind resistant, and can be easily stored in your golf bag when you get too warm. These jackets are made from heavier material though and aren’t very flexible. I recommend getting a size larger than you would normally wear if you plan to wear it for your entire round. This will make it easier to make a full swing so you don’t have to sacrifice as much distance off the tee.

Switch to waterproof shoes

When golfing in the cold, your feet are going to get wet. This is because once the frost lifts off the grass, you’re left with a heavy dew that can take a few hours to burn off in the sunlight. And when in the shade, the dew can last all day. So it’s best to make sure your footwear is adequate for these conditions. If your shoes have mesh on them, your feet will be soaked by the first green.

One shoe I recommend is the Skechers Go Golf Men’s Waterproof Golf Shoe, it’s designed to help you outlast the dewy conditions.

Use winter golf gloves or mittens

Winter golf gloves are made from a brushed fleece top for warmth and are designed for all-day comfort in cold temperatures. The palm side of these gloves is typically made from a microfiber suede that allows for a good fit, feel, and grip.

Winter gloves also feature a knit cuff that helps to keep the heat inside the gloves. The best part about winter golf gloves though is that, unlike regular gloves, these come as a set, with 2 gloves per pack!

In some instances, they can feel a bit bulky though, especially when you’re struggling with your swing. If this is the case for you, I’d recommend you stay with a regular golf glove and just use some bulky golf mittens to just wear between shots rather than the whole round.

Try a neck warmer

Neck warmers are probably the most underrated piece of attire when it comes to golfing in the cold. They are especially useful if the wind picks up. There’s nothing worse than cold air blowing heavily down all the layers and making you cold all over despite being well covered.

Now that you’re fully prepared to dress for cold weather golf, get the gear and go enjoy some end-of-season golf!


As autumn chills hit the golf course, use these keep-cozy tips to keep you swinging in style. To conquer frost delays and cool temps, layer up with base layers, pullover sweaters, beanies, rain pants, and jackets. Don’t forget waterproof shoes, winter golf gloves or mittens, and a neck warmer to round out your cold-weather golfing wardrobe. Stay toasty and enjoy the game!

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