Essential Cold Weather Golf Gear for Autumn

golfing in cold weather

In this post I’ll showcase some of the best cold weather golfing items to buy for shoulder season golf. But not only that, I’ll be sharing some tips on the preparation you need to play golf in cooler temperatures.

Essential Cold Weather Golf Gear

A good pair of winter golf gloves

When it’s wet and cold out for your round of golf, you’ll need to consider other gloves. Not only for the additional grip on the shaft, but to keep your hands warm enough to still feel your golf shots. Thermal golf gloves help to keep your hands warm while still providing great grip on your clubs.

Callaway Thermal Grip 2-Pack Gloves

  • Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm – Improved Grip in Wet Conditions
  • Opti Shield™ Microfiber Outer Shell – Repels Water & Provides Wind Protection
  • Opti Therm™ Thermal Fleece Inner Lining – Keeps Hands Warm
  • Opti Fit™ Adjustable Closure – Thin, Light & Secure Fit

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FootJoy WinterSof Golf Glove

  • Cool-Weather Grip: The proven water resistant Sure-Grip™ Autosuede™ knit palm provides a soft feel and consistent fit with a secure grip during cool weather conditions.
  • Sold In Pairs: FJ WinterSof gloves are sold in pairs.
  • Weather-Shield Cuff: An extended knit cuff keeps the warmth in and cold out.
  • On And Off The Course Versatility: Highly reflective piping is added to the back of the glove for high-visibility on and off the course.
  • Warm And Windproof: Waterproof structured nylon and Weather-Shield™ foam fleece on the back of the glove retains warmth and resists cold.

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Oakley Factory Park Glove

For a glove that offers silicone grip and a touchscreen-compatible design, our Factory Park glove tops the list. Reinforced elements at key stress points, adjustable Velcro® at the wrists, and an articulated profile combine to make this a favorite for those who need dependable warmth and full utility in a winter glove.

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Golf balls that will perform in cold weather

When golfing in the cold, you’ll notice that your ball doesn’t fly as far as you’re accustomed to. This happens for two reasons: first, the golf ball is travelling through colder, denser air. This causes extra friction on the ball and causes it to slow down. This decreases your overall distance. Second, is the softness or hardness of your ball will change the ball speed you can create on impact.

A softer, low compression golf ball with a lower compression score will perform better in cold weather than a harder golf ball. Since the air is more dense due to the cold, the more ball speed you can create, the further your ball will go.

Volvik DS-55 Low Compression Golf Ball

Callaway Chrome Soft Low Compression Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Duo Low Compression Golf Ball

Soft Feel Golf Grips

Similar to the case with golf balls. When your golf grips are cold, they feel much firmer in your hands and can send more shock through the shaft into your hands when you strike the ball. What you need here are softer grips. I’ve tried tons of grips over the years and my favorite by far for all season play are Winn’s Drigolf grips. They feel best in your hands in any weather conditions, even in near freezing temperatures, the grips never seize up.

Helpful Accessories for Golfing in Cold Temperatures

Hand & Feet Warmers

I always keep a pack of hand warmers in my bag, mostly out of necessity (being from Canada). I play quite a lot of golf in colder than desirable temperatures and these little warming packs are absolute lifesavers. There’s nothing worse than having to make a difficult chip from the rough and your hands are cold as ice. You have very little feel in your hands and when you need to make a delicate chip, your whole sense of touch can be thrown off.

Feet warmers are great for keeping your toes nice and toasty in cooler temperatures, especially in wet conditions. Adding a little bit of heat into your shoes can make a big difference. I don’t use them often, but when I have an early morning round and the grass is really wet from the frost lifting, they really help keep you feeling warm. Similar to how it feels to dip your feet in a hot bath when you’re cold, you get the same sensation up your body when your feet get some heat.

Cart Heaters

If you play golf in the cold a lot like I do, this is an absolute must. The shoulder season in the Northern US and Canada can lead to some really brisk conditions. And I’m not going to NOT go golfing just because it’s cold out, give me a break! Cart heaters (especially when paired with a cart enclosure) can make your golf cart feel like a little sauna on wheels. Stay warm my friends!

Cart Enclosures

Cart enclosures are not only great for protecting yourself from the rain, but also the cold. They help to block the winds and also trap in your body heat. A friend I golf with often bought one last year and I can honestly say it was more than worth his money for my benefit. I love golf in all conditions, but staying warm and dry makes it so much more enjoyable. Playing in bad conditions can feel like your day is dragging on, but when you add some comforts, it becomes much more enjoyable to battle mother nature.

Heated Seat Covers

If you own your own golf cart and play a lot of golf in cooler temperatures, you may want to look into getting a heated cover for your cart seats. Keep your glutes nice and toasty with heated seat cushions!

Waterproof Bags

Wet golf clubs lead to wet golf grips. And wet grips are the worst! Keep your golf grips dry with a waterproof golf bag. They come as sunday bags or cart bags and normally have full separation between all your clubs while also having a slot for your umbrella.

Head Covers

Make sure to keep your clubs covered so they can stay warmer and dryer. Colder clubs won’t flex as much in the club face as warmer ones. Maintain as much distance as you can from your clubs with this easy hack.


I can’t tell you how many times a towel in my bag has improved my round. In both scoring and enjoyment. There’s nothing worse than getting hit by a sudden downpour in the middle of your round. Your clubs get wet, your clothes and gear get wet and your cart seat can get wet too. Keep a spare dry towel in your bag to help keep everything dry. I recommend microfiber towels as they absorb a lot and dry out quickly.


One of the most effective ways of staying warm in rainy, cold weather during your round is to keep a large umbrella in your bag. The bigger the better when it comes to golf umbrellas! Keep yourself dry as long as possible to avoid getting chilled.

Apparel for Golfing in Cold Weather

Rain Pants

Get some rain pants to go over your regular golf pants for an extra layer of protection from the elements and warmth in your legs.

Thermal Shirts

Make sure to use heavier fabrics during the cooler months.

Waterproof Shoes

Get yourself some old school golf shoes for colder weather. These are more waterproof and warmer than the modern mesh varieties. I hate having cold feet when golfing. It always feels like my lower body isn’t firing as hard when I’m cold.

Wool Socks

Either double up on your current socks or look into getting some high quality wool socks for your colder weather rounds of golf. Proper wool socks are much warmer than cotton or polyester blends and also breathe more naturally to help keep your feet dry.

Golf Mittens

When it’s really cold out and my hands are feeling like blocks of solid ice, I like to bring full size mittens to the course. I have these ones that attach to a push cart and it makes walking the course in cold weather much more fun. I’m a fan of walking the course when it’s cold out as it keeps me moving and warm. Mittens like these are just the added bonus that keep my hands warm and ready to swing!

Jackets & Windbreakers

An extra layer over your shirt is one of the better ways to keep warm on the golf course. Look for pullover jackets that are both windproof and waterproof, but still allow for flexibility in your swing. Comfort is the most important feature to keep an eye on when looking for a golf jacket. If you can’t reach directly out in front of you with your arms straight and bring your hands together in comfort, it’s not the right jacket for you.

Hats, Beanies & Toques

Keep your head and ears warm with a nice golf toque, eh! All the big golf brands have a winter cap of some sorts. Get your favorite brand, or get one customized through Entripy.

Compression Layers

I love wearing compression base layers when it’s a bit colder out. Pair them with your regular shirt and pants over-top and you’ll keep yourself comfortable all day outdoors.


I bought this neckwarmer last year and I’m glad I did. I use it so damn much! It’s perfect for keeping warm in your upper body without having to pile on the layers. I’ve found that if I can keep my neck warm, I don’t feel the need for as many other layers on other parts. I just feel warmer overall.

Golf Sleeves

If you’re looking for additional warmth and protection from the weather but don’t want to wear full compression base layers, look into getting yourself some sleeves. You can use them on your arms and legs, all the while keeping yourself less constricted in other areas 😉


Golfing in the cold can be a grueling, unenjoyable battle when you’re not prepared. By properly equipping yourself to play in the cold while keeping a positive attitude, you can ensure that you’ll have plenty of fun on course.

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