Best Single Length Golf Clubs: Top 3+ Picks For 2024 (Buyer Guide)

Best single length golf clubs for 2023 featured image with Bryson Dechambeau and irons

Single-length golf clubs are gaining in popularity these days ever since Bryson Dechambeau started winning some golf tournaments.

Since he is the only player on the PGA or LIV golf tours currently with single-length golf clubs, a lot of people are starting to take notice of this change to the game.

However, this isn’t exactly a new idea. The story goes all the way back to Bobby Jones, who apparently used single-length irons in 1930 to win the Grand Slam.


– Bryson Dechambeau, LIV Golfer

Bryson is actually quoted as saying it’s the reason why he explored the idea in the first place, saying that he noticed the single length of his irons in a display case when he was young.

Why Choose Single-Length Irons?

The purpose of single-length clubs is to make the golf swing easier by keeping your swing on the same plane. When you use the same length shaft for all irons, the concerns while addressing the ball are gone. It becomes easier to make consistent swings at the ball.

The main purpose of this is to increase repeatability – which we all know is hugely important when it comes to golf. Golf is a game of misses, so if you can manage your misses a bit better by using single-length shafts, you’re more likely to score well.

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By trusting the loft of the clubface to do its job, you no longer need to adjust your stance or swing to each club.

Are Single-Length Irons Right for You?

Single-length irons are a legit alternative that could drastically improve your scoring and handicap.

If you’re the type of golfer who has a certain favorite club in your bag, a club that you just naturally hit better than others, you’re likely a good candidate to test out single-length golf clubs.

For example, let’s say out of all your irons you tend to hit your 7i the crispest, the cleanest, the purest. There’s a good chance that by adapting all of your irons to that length, you’ll be better positioned to get that same feeling from the rest of your irons.

Single Length Irons Explained

Making the change to this technique won’t be easy, so remember not to get discouraged if it doesn’t work for you straight away. The key to golf is repeatability, so just keep at it.

What Are The Best Single Length Golf Clubs?

Here is our top pick for single length golf clubs this year.

🏆 1. Cobra Golf Men’s One Length Irons

Best One Length Irons

The Cobra Golf LTDX Men’s Single Length Golf Irons feature Pwr-Cor Technology for powerful ball speed, a Pwrshell Face Design to increase speed and promote higher launch, and Speed Tuned Weighting for enhanced stability. The One Length design promotes consistency and accuracy, while CNC milled face and grooves optimize spin and control. This top-rated set is designed to improve your golf game in style.

2. One Iron Golf

One Iron Golf - Blackstone Series

An interesting fact about One Iron Golf is that they have been making single-length golf clubs for over 20 years. Similar to Cobra, they offer three different product lines that are available in one length. Each is made specifically for different skill levels as seen below.


The original design started its journey all the way back in 1997. This iron set is designed for forgiveness and game improvement. The clubface is denser than standard clubs which leads to maximum ball compression.


The Pro-line series is designed for intermediate-skill level golfers and looks to maximize distance and accuracy. The design incorporates features that professional golfers prefer such as lighter weight and stronger loft angles. This creates a more penetrating ball flight.


The Blackstone line is the flagship or premier line of irons offered by 1 Iron Golf. This set is designed for professional play. If precision and distance control is what you are looking for, this is the set for you.

Click here to learn more about One Iron Golf

Where to Buy?

You can buy single-length irons at

3. Edel Golf

Edel Golf Single Length Golf Clubs

Edel Golf single-length irons are engineered for consistency and confidence, making them ideal for all golfer skill levels.

By mirroring the performance given from mid irons, they make long irons easier to hit and more forgiving. This creates a ball flight that launches higher with more spin and increased ball speed compared to traditional iron sets. The short irons create precise distance and target control accuracy; optimizing launch conditions and playability.

Click here to learn more about Edel Golf Single Length Irons

Where to Buy?

Edel Golf irons are available for sale at the following retailers:

4. Sterling Irons

Sterling Golf Single Length Irons

Get ready for the consistently lowest scores of your life! Sterling Irons says that their single-length irons remove as many as 90 variables from your golf game. By having one ‘master swing’ you’ll be able to play more consistently and score better.

“Trajectory control with the longer irons felt easier than ever” “You won’t believe the amount of stress it relieves to go through a round of golf”

Sterling offers a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a 2-year performance warranty on its single-length irons. Some of the benefits you’ll see from using their single-length clubs are:

  • Improve consistency
  • Increase distance & control
  • Become more accurate

Where to Buy?

Single-length irons by Sterling Irons are available for sale directly on their website:

Click here to learn more or purchase Sterling Single Length Irons

❓ Who Makes Single-Length Irons?

There are quite a few manufacturers that offer single-length clubs, and more companies are getting on board with the trend every single day.

Here are some of the more notable manufacturers of single-length clubs.


Cobra Golf offers three different iron sets in a single length. They are all based on a traditional 7i in shaft length. Cobra offers the following iron sets as one length:


The ONE Length counterpart of the SPEEDZONE irons are designed to be 7-iron length (37.50″) through the set to promote one repeatable setup and swing between clubs for more consistency and accuracy.


Engineered to deliver distance, consistency, and playability in a compact muscle back shape preferred by better players.


Classic looks blend with modern technology to deliver distance, consistency, and forgiveness in a ONE Length configuration.

With one setup and one swing, you can simplify the entire golf swing and gain more confidence.

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