Best Winter Golf Gloves 2024, Warm & Waterproof

Winter Golf Gloves

Are you looking for new winter golf gloves? Here, I’ve listed the best options to keep you warm and waterproof for those early spring or late fall rounds. There are several decent options available and I’ve found the best ones.

I’ve spent 20+ years golfing in northern climates, so I’ve gone through pretty much every glove available on the market.

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Some of the main things I look for in a good winter golf glove are warmth, grip, feel, and durability. The best gloves perform well in the coldest conditions and are all about giving you a good feel while keeping your hands warm and dry.

What Are The Best Winter Golf Gloves?

Here are some of the best winter golf gloves to consider this year.

  • Soft feel and consistent fit
  • Warm, windproof and waterproof
  • Highly durable

Retail Price: $27

I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect pair of gloves that can withstand the chill of winter rounds. The FootJoy WinterSof gloves have proven to be the best gloves for winter golf that I’ve come across. This pair of gloves is the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and functionality, providing an excellent grip on the club, even in the coldest weather.

Of the first things I noticed when I slipped these gloves on was how warm they were. The extended knit cuffs provide excellent coverage and insulation, keeping my hands cozy even on the coldest winter mornings. Despite their warmth, the gloves are not too bulky and are very easy to adjust to.

Comfort is another area where these gloves excel. The gloves are made from a soft, stretchy material that fits snugly around my hands, providing a comfortable fit without restricting my movement. I can easily flex and move my fingers, a crucial aspect when I’m trying to perfect my swing.

The grip on these gloves is exceptional. The suede-knit palm has an excellent grip, ensuring that my club doesn’t slip from my hands, even in damp conditions. This gives me the confidence to swing my club without holding back, which leads to more enjoyable cold weather rounds of golf.

The quality of these gloves is evident from the moment you put them on. They feel premium, yet they’re priced reasonably, delivering the best value for money.

I do have one minor gripe with these gloves – They only come in black. While this isn’t a deal-breaker for me, I would have appreciated a bit more variety in the color options. It would be nice to have the option to match my gloves with my golf attire.

The FootJoy WinterSofs are a must-have for any golfer braving the winter weather. They deliver on all fronts – warmth, comfort, and grip – and do so at a low price. Despite the lack of color options, these gloves have quickly become my #1 go-to for winter golfing. I highly recommend them.

  • Wind and water repellent
  • Thermal fleece lining
  • Microfiber suede palm

Retail Price: $24.99

The first thing that caught my attention about these gloves was how well they handled moisture. Whether it was early morning dew or a light drizzle, the grip on the gloves held up remarkably well. The top feature of these gloves is obviously the microfiber suede on the palm, which made the club very easy to hold tightly without squeezing too hard.

I also enjoy the non-bulky design – many winter golf gloves I’ve used in the past have been too thick in the palm, making them feel uncomfortable in my swing. These Callaway gloves, on the other hand, felt more like standard golf gloves. This made for a better overall feel and allowed for better control.

Overall these gloves provided excellent heat retention while feeling more like regular golf gloves.

Made of fleece and meant to be worn over your regular golf gloves between shots for added warmth.

Retail Price: $28.99

The Fingertensport Men’s Winter Golf Gloves w/ ball marker truly stands out as a great winter golf glove option. I’ve had the pleasure of using these gloves for a few times, and overall they’ve exceeded my expectations.

The first thing that struck me about these gloves was the built-in ball marker holder. I’ve used gloves with button-style ball markers before, but none that had a holder for standard marker. It’s a simple feature, but I like it. No more fumbling around in my pockets my marker or having to pull out my divot tool every time. With this glove it’s right there ready to be used whenever I need it. It’s this level of thoughtful design that sets the Fingerten gloves apart.

But the real test of any golf glove is how well it performs under challenging weather conditions – I’ve used these gloves on both windy days and rainy days, and they’ve worked remarkably well. The gloves effectively blocked the wind, keeping my hands warm and agile. On rain days, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the gloves repelled moisture, ensuring a firm grip on my club throughout the day.

The addition of the ball marker holder adds a touch of convenience that sets them apart from most other winter gloves.

These golf mitts are made of fleece and meant to be worn over your regular golf gloves between shots for added warmth.

Pair these with the FJ winter glove for maximum warmth.

Retail Price: $38.99

Recently, I came across the Finger Ten winter mittens from FingerTenSport. What I love most about these mittens is their layering capability as they are meant to be worn over regular golf gloves. This means I can have my usual glove on while the mittens provide an extra layer of warmth in between shots. This is great for golfers who don’t want to adjust the the thickness of typical winter golf gloves but need that additional protection from the cold.

Throughout most of the round, my hands remained toasty warm, which is quite an achievement considering how cold it can get on the courses near me. The mitts did an excellent job of insulating my hands from the chilly winds and low temperatures, ensuring that I could focus on my game rather than the weather.

However, there was one aspect that I found a tad bit inconvenient. While they are supremely warm and comfortable, they are quite bulky. This bulk made them somewhat cumbersome to carry around the greens. I often found myself wishing for my FJ winter gloves. Having to juggle extra stuff in my hands was a bit annoying and they are easy to forget about and leave behind on the greens.

Despite this, I believe the FINGERTEN winter mittens are a worthy investment for golfers who plays regularly in cold weather – They do an excellent job of keeping your hands warm. The bulkiness is a minor inconvenience but overall, I had a good experience with these mittens and would recommend them to fellow golfers. They may not be the perfect solution, but they certainly make those cold, early morning rounds a lot more bearable.

Lined with thermal fleece to keep your hands and wrists warm. They are particularly useful when you’re riding in a golf cart and exposed to the elements.

Retail Price: $29.95

The cold can be brutal on your hands when you’re golfing, making it difficult to maintain a firm grip on your clubs – Which is why a good pair of mittens is a must if you’re playing in low temps.

What sets Orlimar winter mittens apart from other winter golf gear I’ve tried is their thermal lining. The inside is lined with a cozy fleece that provides excellent insulation. Even in the coldest weather, my hands stayed warm, which greatly improved my grip on the club. I even found myself taking them off for a hole or two, they’re that warm!

These mittens can easily slip on and off between shots and keep you warm while your friends are struggling in the bunkers. But similarly to the FingerTen mitts, I find them easy to lose and it’s just one extra thing to carry around.

  • All-climate grip
  • Soft feel leather palm
  • Warm fleece backing

Retail Price: $50

As the winter months approached, I was looking for a glove that could provide warmth without compromising on the feel and fit of a regular golf glove. The StaSof winter gloves seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

The first thing that struck me about these gloves was how similar they felt to a regular FJ golf glove. The fit was snug, and the feel was familiar, almost like meeting an old friend. This is mainly due to the design of the glove, which features fleece only on the back. The palm of the glove is made of a soft, premium leather, providing a fantastic grip on the club. This leather grip, which is a hallmark of FootJoy gloves, was a definite plus point.

However, it’s not all birdies with these gloves. Despite its name, I found that these gloves didn’t quite live up to the promise of keeping my hands warm during the winter rounds. After only five holes, my fingers started to feel numb, and I had to switch to the FJ full winter golf gloves.

So, while the StaSof winter gloves may be a good fit for cold days in warm climates, if you’re looking for best warmth, this might not be the best choice. However, if the feel and fit of a regular golf glove are more important to you, then the StaSof Winter Pair could be worth considering.

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