36+ Best Golf Cart Accessories for 2024

Best Golf Cart Accessories 2023

Your golf cart is more than just a mode of transportation — it’s an extension of your personal style and utility.

But how can you transform your ride from standard to standout?


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From performance enhancements to personalized embellishments, the world of golf cart accessories is as diverse as the players themselves.

I’ve recommended the best golf cart accessories to upgrade your comfort and convenience, and even add a dash of fun to your golf cart adventures.

So let’s get into the list.

What Are The Best Golf Cart Accessories?

Here are the best accessories for your golf cart this year.

1. Ball & Club Washer 🥇

⛳ The ultimate requirement for your golf cart.

🏆 Best Golf Cart Accessory

The Club Clean Original Ball and Club Cleaner enhances gameplay with cleaner club grooves and better ball flight. It features a single chamber unit for easy use, a reusable T-Drain plug, and a universal mounting bracket.

2. Bluetooth Speaker Mount 🥈

⛳ Like to listen to music while you play? Bluetooth speakers designed for golf carts can be a great accessory.

The HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount is a convenient, easy-to-use golf cart accessory for music lovers. It features adjustable straps, no-tool installation, and compatibility with most speaker brands, providing secure and stable speaker mounting.

3. Golf Cart GPS Rangefinder Mount 🥉

⛳ Yardages at your fingertips.

The Bushwhacker Magnetic Multi-Purpose Mount for golf carts ensures secure gear placement with three ultra-strong magnets and non-slip material. It offers a universal fit for all rangefinder models and allows any angle placement.

4. USB Charger

⛳ Charge your phone and other accessories.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Charger Adapter features dual USB ports with Qualcomm fast charging technology, providing up to 80% charge in 45 minutes. It includes a digital LED display for monitoring battery status and is compatible with most golf carts.

5. Golf Cart Cover

⛳ Protect your golf cart from the elements when it’s not in use. Protect against dust, rain, and sun damage.

The 10L0L 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover offers all-weather protection with a 100% waterproof, windproof, UV-resistant 400D Polyester material. It features a self-locking zipper, air vents, and fits most 4-passenger golf carts.

6. Golf Cart Ice Cooler

⛳ A cooler can be helpful for keeping drinks and snacks cold during a long day on the course.

The Golf Cart Ice Cooler with Mounting Bracket Kit fits Club Car Precedent, Tempo, and Onward. It keeps items cold, is easy to mount and remove, and doesn’t obstruct golf clubs in the back.

7. Golf Cart Phone Holder

⛳ A dedicated phone holder can keep your phone accessible for GPS or music during your round.

The ICARMOUNT Golf Cart Phone Holder is a versatile and adjustable cup holder mount that fits various golf cart models and vehicles. It has a solid expandable base, a sturdy telescopic arm for height adjustment, a 360-degree rotatable design, and accommodates phones from 4” to 6.8” with protective cases.

8. Dashboard Organizer

⛳ Keep your phones, scorecards, and golf balls and tees organized and within easy reach.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Basket offers additional storage with four partitioned compartments. Compatible with various golf cart models, it features high-quality electroplating and stainless steel screws for durability. It’s easy to install, either with self-adhesive screws or drilling.

9. Steering Wheel Cover

⛳ Get better grip and more comfortable handling, especially in extreme weather conditions.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover is designed for 13-inch wheels on EZGO TXT RXV golf carts. It’s easy to install, breathable, non-odorous, and comfortable. Made with durable auto industry materials, it’s lightweight and portable.

10. Rangefinder Strap

⛳ Securely hold your rangefinder in place, providing easy and quick access during your golf game.

The Frogger Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder uses advanced 3-stage Latch-it technology for secure attachment. Adjustable straps fit various rangefinder and cart sizes. Non-slip straps ensure safety. It allows quick attachment/detachment, maximizing playtime efficiency. Durable and backed by warranty.

➕ More Golf Cart Accessories

Here are some additional popular golf cart accessories that you can customize your golf cart with this year.

Golf Cart Underbody Lights

A cool addition to make your golf cart stand out in a crowd.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit includes four LED light strips that are compatible with all golf carts. It offers 24 preset modes, wireless remote control, and is IP67 waterproof. The package includes strip lights, a powered control box, remote, and zip ties.

Portable Golf Cart Fan

⛳ A golf cart fan can provide a welcomed breeze on hot summer days.

The Roykaw Golf Cart Fan is specially designed for golf carts with a square frame. It features 3-speed settings, a 360° adjustable head, brushless motor for long-lasting performance, and easy installation and cleaning. Keep cool on the course with this portable and lightweight fan.

Fender Flares

⛳ Prevent mud and dirt from splashing up onto the golf cart and passengers.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Standard Fender Flares fit EZGO RXV 2008-2015 models. These durable plastic flares protect against dirt and debris, come with stainless steel screws and nuts, and require drilling for installation. They enhance the look of the golf cart.

Golf Cart Enclosure

⛳ Protech from rain, wind, and cold weather.

The Classic Accessories Fairway Travel 4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure fits most two-person golf carts. It has weather-protected fabric, UV protection, zippered doors for easy entry, a separate rear panel for club access, and includes a storage case.

Rear Seat Kit

Fit two more passengers or fold it down for additional storage.

The Performance Plus Carts EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Folding Back Seat Kit fits 1995 and up EZGO TXT gas and electric models. It features marine grade vinyl cushions, a heavy-duty powder-coated frame, and a diamond plate patterned flip out cargo deck.

Golf Cart Heater

⛳ Make your early morning rounds much more comfortable.

The Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater provides 4,000 BTU’s of heat with a 5.5-hour runtime. It includes an oxygen depletion system, tip-over switch, wind-resistant screen, carrying handle, and a cup holder adapter. It requires no electricity or matches for ignition.

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Golf Cart Dome Light

If you can’t find your ball you might just find yourself.

The 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Dome Light is a wireless, rechargeable LED light for golf carts. It offers easy operation, easy installation, USB charging, and is versatile for use in golf carts.

Heavy Duty Golf Cart Storage Cover

⛳ If you’re storing your golf cart long-term.

The Explore Land Golf Cart Cover is waterproof, durable, and provides protection against various weather conditions. It has a universal fit, easy installation, and comes with a storage bag and 3-year warranty.

Golf Cart Windshield

⛳ A windshield can protect you from wind and rain.

The Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Portable Golf Cart Windshield is made of heavy-duty clear vinyl. It’s designed to protect users from rain and windstorms. The windshield is portable, fits most golf carts via rip-and-grip straps, and can be rolled up for storage in a golf bag.

Custom Floor Mat

⛳ A durable floor mat can protect the floor of your golf cart from dirt, spills, and wear and tear.

The Club Clean Golf Cart Floor Mat is a custom-fit, durable rubber mat. It meets 6 ASTM standards, protects the factory mat, and features a lightweight design with water channels for added convenience.

Additional Cup Holders

⛳ While many golf carts come with cup holders, you might want to add more or upgrade to a model that can accommodate larger drink containers.

The ROBOCUP is a versatile cup holder that clamps onto various surfaces. It has a durable design with improved clamping jaws, powerful grip, and stainless steel springs. It can hold fishing poles, drinks, tools, and more. No tools are required for installation, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

Seat Covers or Cushions

⛳ Make the ride more comfortable and protect the seats from wear and tear.

The 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Seat Covers are durable, stylish, and easy to install. They protect the seat, update the cart’s appearance, and fit most Standard Club Car Precedent & Yamaha golf carts.

Golf Cart Horn

⛳ Safety feature, especially in areas where golf carts share the road.

The 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Horn is a 12V horn suitable for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, UTV, ATV, boat, and scooter. It has a clear sound, volume adjustment, and comes with a complete kit. It is high-quality and comes with a one-year warranty.

Golf Cart Side Mirrors

⛳ Side and rearview mirrors can help with visibility and safety.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Side Mirrors are made of impact-resistant materials, providing a wider vision with a convex lens design. They’re fully adjustable, suitable for most golf cart brands, and include all hardware for installation.

Golf Cart Sand Bottle

Common courtesy among golfers to fill your divots.

The 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Sand Bottle is designed for Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts. It helps repair divots and has a curved neck to prevent rainwater. The package includes a sand bottle with a holder and mounting screws.

Golf Cart Battery Meter

⛳ Monitor the battery life and ensure you don’t run out of power.

The Runleader LED Battery Power Indicator is designed for 36V lead acid battery-powered golf carts. It displays battery charge and discharge status with 10 LED bars and provides low battery reminders. It is easy to install and is water resistant.

Golf Cart Trash Bin

⛳ Keep your golf cart clean.

The EPAuto Golf Cart Trash Can is a 2-gallon capacity bin with a lid and storage pockets. It is waterproof, easy to access, and has fasteners to secure it in place.

Golf Cart Umbrella Clamp

⛳ Lifesaver in sudden rain showers on the course.

The XLINGZA Golf Cart Clamp & Umbrella is portable and convenient, with an adjustable universal clamp for easy attachment to golf carts. It has a sturdy fiberglass frame and provides ultimate protection from UV rays.

Tire Repair Kit

⛳ Flat tires can happen, and having a repair kit on hand can get you back on the course quickly.

The Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit is designed to repair flat and punctured tubeless tires, including those on golf carts. It includes a 12V mini air compressor, built-in gauge, and LED light for convenience and comes with the Pocket Tire Plugger and 15 rubber plugs for effective repairs.

Golf Cart Lift Kit

⛳ Improve clearance and allow for larger tires.

The NOKINS 6″ A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit fits Club Car Precedent Tempo and Onward 2004 models, both electric and gas. Features steering limit design, easy installation with no drilling, high-quality steel construction, and graphite copper bushings. Includes good after-sales service.

Portable Golf Cart Charger

⛳ Provide you with power on the go.

The HTRC Golf Cart Charger is a smart charger designed for golf carts. It offers fast charging, multiple protection features, automatic charging, and a large LCD display for easy monitoring. It is suitable for various battery types and provides safe and reliable charging for golf carts.

Security Lock System

⛳ If you’re concerned about theft.

The DNZ Lock A Cart is a golf cart accelerator pedal lock that prevents the accelerator from being used. It is easy to install and remove. (Padlock not included)

Golf Cart Light & Turn Signal Kit

⛳ This is especially useful if you’re driving your golf cart on local roads.

The 10L0L Golf Cart LED Headlight and Tail Light Kits are designed for Club Car DS carts (12V-48V) and include features like turn signals, brake lights, hazard light switch, horn, and safe daytime running lights. They are easy to install and provide enhanced visibility and safety.

Golf Cart Cargo Bag

⛳ Great for getting groceries!

The 10L0L Golf Cart Cargo Bag is designed for 2-passenger golf carts and fits popular brands like EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. It is made of waterproof material, provides ample storage space, and is easy to install without the need for additional tools.

Custom Golf Cart Wheels

⛳ For those who want their golf cart to stand out subtly.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Wheel Covers Hub Caps are made of high-quality ABS material with a chrome finish. This set includes four 8-inch hub caps. They are easy to install with metal snaps and compatible with Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts. 1-Year Warranty.

Custom Golf Cart Steering Wheel

⛳ A welcomed breeze on hot summer days.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Steering Wheel features a universal design that fits EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, and most golf carts. It offers improved driving comfort, easy installation, and comes with a hassle-free replacement and warranty. Choose from a variety of styles to enhance your golf cart’s look.

Golf Club License Plate Frame

⛳ If you’ve ever bent a club around a tree, this is for you!

The Cruiser Accessories Golf Club License Plate Frame is a stylish accessory for cars, trucks, or golf carts. It features a hand-painted golf ball design and a durable chrome-plated metal frame. Easy to install and fits standard license plates.

Golf Cart Shifter

⛳ An easy-to-reach shifter.

The Caddy Shift is a USA-made replacement shifter for E-Z-GO and Cushman golf carts. It features a large, easy-to-grip knob and a longer, angled handle for easy shifting. Easy to install in minutes with a screwdriver.

Steering Wheel Scorecard Holder

⛳ Don’t lose that card!

The Roykaw Golf Cart Steering Wheel Scorecard Holder fits most EZGO/Club Car/Yamaha golf carts. It features an adjustable pencil holder, sturdy clip, and high-strength acrylic design. Easy installation with detailed instructions.

Rear Seat Bag Holder

⛳ Perfect for 4-person carts.

The 10L0L Universal Golf Bag Holder features an adjustable metal bar suitable for most 2+2 seater golf carts. It has a humanized design with soft velcro protection, stable screws, easy installation, and corrosion-resistant construction.

Golf Cart Armrest & Cupholder

⛳ The cup at your fingertips.

The 10L0L Golf Cart Armrest w/ Cupholder is a high-quality, durable plastic armrest with cup holders. It has a universal fit, easy installation, comfortable sponge padding, and options for drilling or no drilling required.

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